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Why paying for your friends pays dividends

Recently, I was having a conversation about on-campus university life, and my experience in Alpha Kappa Psi Co-Ed Business Fraternity. Based on the energy in that conversation, I decided to jot some of my thoughts here. We’ve all heard it in

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LevelUp and Loop Wallet: The Code Reader and the Dongle

LevelUp and Loop

This weekend, I installed two new apps on my phone: LevelUp and Loop Wallet. These join Square Wallet, Square Cash, PayPal, Google Wallet, Venmo, and PopMoney. My payment apps folder is getting as crowded as the competition! That said, I am excited to try these

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Top banking needs for the #YOLO generation


Recently, I was asked about American university students’ top banking needs. Here are my thoughts on how we can get the #YOLO generation setup with the most essential financial tools. Feel free to add your Comments, below! First, the fun stuff… Mobile

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Record industry finds a new way to squeeze Pandora, but it won’t help musicians

Originally posted on Gigaom:
Here we go again. The record labels have found yet another way to put their favorite scapegoat, the internet radio service Pandora(s p), through the legal wringer. Alas, once again, the new tactic will fatten lawyers but…

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Cash is king in Thailand, credit cards co-exist in Singapore

The past 10 days have proven that cash is still the preferred payment method  in Bangkok and Singapore. Credit cards are also widely accepted in Singapore, whereas only more commercial merchants in Bangkok accept plastic. There have been no opportunities for mobile payments in

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Wells Fargo SurePay billboard is attractive, effective

I recently blogged that ClearXchange, a payments venture between Wells Fargo, Bank of America, and Chase, is in a good position to succeed in the mobile payments space, and deserves more press. With the right marketing (e.g., billboards, mobile advertisements, commercials),

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Wallet-less Weekend: woes outweigh wows!

Wallet-less weekend complete! I survived.

This weekend, I embarked on a 3.5 day wallet-less adventure to see if I could survive on mobile (iPhone) payment apps in place of cash and credit. My experiment was insightful and enjoyable! That said, the past few days in San

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