Record industry finds a new way to squeeze Pandora, but it won’t help musicians

The music industry has been fighting the momentum of the universe for as long as I can remember.

Pandora is a marvelous, reputable service that has long struggled to stay afloat- I hope that the music industry doesn’t tank it in this lawsuit.

Let’s hope CEO Tim Westergren remains resilient! Pandora depends on it!


Here we go again. The record labels have found yet another way to put their favorite scapegoat, the internet radio service Pandora(s p), through the legal wringer. Alas, once again, the new tactic will fatten lawyers but do little to support musicians or fix a dysfunctional copyright royalty system.

In case you missed it, Capitol Records and the gang sued Pandora in New York state court this week because the service is not paying to use sound recordings made prior to 1972. The record labels say Pandora’s failure to pay for iconic tracks like “Hey Jude” and “Satisfaction” stiffed the music industry out of $60 million in 2013 alone.

The lawsuit, which mirrors a similar one filed against Sirius-XM(s SIRI) last year, also came with the obligatory quotes from sympathetic figures like Buddy Holly’s widow, and Steve Cooper of Booker T. & the MG’s, who said:

“It’s an injustice that boggles the mind. 

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