Wallet-less Weekend: testing mobile-readiness in Silicon Valley

This afternoon, I’m feeling inspired by Forbes’ Steven Bertoni‘s “wallet-less day” adventure. As described in his post, Steven went one day without credit cards or cash his wallet, to see if he could survive on solely mobile payment apps.

In admiration of Steven’s experiment, and in awe of Kashmir Hill‘s similar experiment with Bitcoin, I’m going to 1-up Steven and go for the next 3.5-days without cash or credit cards with one exception: I’ll have a card to pay for gas. So, weekend be damned, Fri-Sat-Sun shall reveal how mobile-payments-ready our SF Bay Area really is. Starting..now!

Next week, I’m off to Asia, where cash will be king unless I’m trolling FoodPanda for munchies. It’ll be interesting to see how far mobile payments have come since my last visit in 2011! Full report to follow.. stay tuned!

Mobile Payments Only


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2 comments on “Wallet-less Weekend: testing mobile-readiness in Silicon Valley
  1. joycsanders says:

    Reblogged this on JOYandpainfitness and commented:
    Great read! Follow my amazing friend Mason!

  2. Update from this weekend posted. Check out the misadventures!

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