Scanbot app falls short of expectations, misses mark

This morning, I posted a note about the launch of Scanbot, a new iOS app that can be used to “scan anything” and store the scanned image for later retrieval. I was hopeful that the new app could bridge the gap between my two receipt capture habits: 1) quick snap to Camera Roll, and 2) more detailed expense capture and receipt upload to Expensify. Unfortunately, my quick test of the app left me disappointed and wanting more.

Scanbot does do some things elegantly:

  • Automatic uploads to your favorite cloud providers: Google Drive, Dropbox, Box, Evernote, OneDrive, and more.
  • Multi-page scans allow you to capture scans of things requiring more than one snap of the camera.
  • Settings give you control over Save behavior and image quality.

However, it’s also got some failing points:

  • Annotations are awkward, at best, to add and manipulate.
  • Annotations are not visible when sharing scans, unless the recipient uses the “Open In..” feature on iOS.
  • Camera guidance (e.g., “Move Closer”, “Don’t Move”) is distracting.



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