Rdio brings 20 million songs to Google’s Chromecast

Watching Chromecast’s progression from infancy brings me joy. I’ve encouraged many to buy one, given a few out at Christmas, and enjoy casting Hulu and Netflix to the TV! Now if only Google Fiber powered my internet instead of Comcast…


Rdio is the next top-tier name to work with Google’s(s goog) Chromecast streaming stick. On Monday, the music service said its entire 20 million song catalog can be streamed to television through the Chromecast by using the Rdio app on iOS(s aapl) and Android(s goog). Don’t skip a step if you don’t use those platforms though: Rdio says its web client can also be used to stream music to a Chromecast. Using the apps, Rdio users can tune in to their favorite songs or create a personalized station for streaming, along with album art, to a Chromecast.

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